Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dinner For Two by Jennifer Hayward

From the January 16, 2017 issue

Tagline: A dinner date with her past...and future?

Woman's World Tropes: an old flame, a small town, a meddling grandma, a misunderstanding

Observations: After reading this story, I had to double check to see if this was one of the Harlequin stories, and it was. This was the most Woman's World-esque of the HQ stories I've read so far. As you can see above, there were a lot of tropes. It didn't have too much drama.

There were only a couple minor things I would like to have seen different.

Near the end of the story, Lacey hears her grandmother's advice in her head...Seize the moment. And so you expect Lacey to do just that. But I don't see Lacey seize the moment.

Also, the hero had no personality. He was suave and that's about it. I wish he'd had a little more screen time so I could come to like him more. Even though I suppose we're supposed to trust the heroine's judgement that this guy is legit, I still like to make my own decision and in this story I didn't see enough of him to make any kind of accurate assessment.

Other than that, I liked it. Like I said, this story fit in more than any of the others I've seen so far.

Photo credit: George Martin, via the Flickr Creative Commons License


Pat said...

I agree, Kate. This is the best Harlequin story yet.

Mary Jo said...

I think this story is in the old Harlequin tradition of a few decades ago. Just enough soft sizzle to make your heart pound. Well done, Jennifer, and great editing, Patricia.

Amazing Cakes by Carla said...

Does WW create the tag line or is that something the author should provide when submitting their story?

Also, how do you submit a story to them? I cannot find a link or email address on their website. Do you have any current info on how they take submissions?


Tamara said...

You can access the new guidelines here on Kate's site under "LINKS". They have recently begun taking submissions by email with the stories as attachments. The editor provides the tag line. All you need is a title, and I always place a word count on the top of the first page under my personal contact information. I also make my stories fewer than the 800-word requirement, maybe 780 - 795, just because I know they'll cut, and I want to give them less to cut. If you hear nothing in four months, assume it's a rejection. Stories should be emailed to if you have not yet had a story published and if you have.

Amazing Cakes by Carla said...

Thank you for the info Tamara!

Amazing Cakes by Carla said...

Tamara ( or anyone who knows) I have two questions.

I was wondering if you knew the format WW's prefers? Doc, rtf, pdf file?

I'm assuming they want the text double spaced?

Any tips on formatting is much appreciated!

Thank you!

Crystal Young said...

Thanks for this information! I emailed my stories back in July/August and have not heard a word from Womams World. I suppose my stories were rejected.😔

Kate Willoughby said...

Most likely, Crystal Y. I'm sorry about that, but if it's any consolation we all get stories rejected.