Saturday, June 26, 2010

Something To Smile About

by Karen Nikula from the June 14, 2010 issue

Tagline: The day she decided to get on with her life turned out to be the day everything changes for Jamie.

In a Nutshell: Jamie is divorced and is coming to terms with eating alone at one of her old favorite restaurants. Her friend suggests, "You can always bring a book for company." Lo and behold, she spots a man alone, reading the same book. They strike up a conversation and find they have things in common. He asks her out. She accepts.

Observations: I was surprised to see that the woman was reading a mystery instead of a romance. A lot of Woman's World stories feature romance readers, but when I saw the man was reading the same book, I understood why it couldn't be a romance. :)

I had high hopes for this couple because Nikula showed them connecting on so many levels.
  • They were reading the same book.
  • He was about her age.
  • They aren't too good at figuring out "who done it."
  • They liked the same writers and had similar taste in movies and TV shows.
  • They're both divorced.
  • They garden.
  • They like to talk about movies after seeing one.
I also liked the rosy ending:

He held open the Omelet House door and the two of them stepped into the sunshine.

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