Revised February, 2016

"Truth or Dare" by Yours Truly
Do my submissions need to be 800 words exactly? How much leeway is there? 

The editors routinely trim the stories. Some authors prefer to do their own trimming and send stories that are 20 or more words shorter. Personally, I strive for 795-800. If I finish a story and it's short, I take advantage of that and finesse my description or milk a scene for more emotion.

How many editors does my story have to impress?

Two. Patricia Gaddis is the fiction editor. If she likes it, it goes on to Stephanie Saible, the Editor in Chief.

If I receive a rejection with a comment indicating the problem, can I fix the problem and resubmit the story?

Only if they specifically said, "fix this and resubmit." Otherwise, you risk receiving a terse reply that says you crossed the line and not to do it again. Consider yourself lucky if they write anything at all.

Is it too much to ask that they give me some kind of constructive criticism on my rejections? 

Yes. Considering the many hundreds of stories they must sift through every week, they don't have time to act as your writing coach. 

Do I need to include my own taglines when I submit? 


If they buy my story, what type of editing will they do?

Click here to see exactly what they did to one of my stories.

How many submissions do they receive in a month?

About 4000.

Can I submit more than one story at a time?

Yes, but send them in separate emails.

Where else can I submit my short fiction?
A frequent visitor to this blog sells regularly to outside markets. After many requests for information from her, we decided to just post it in one reliable place. Here is a list of guidelines for overseas markets.