"Without your class I may never have sold to Woman's World."
--Terri Osburne

"I still can't believe I've sold a romance to Woman's World. I hired [Kate] to edit this story and I'm sure that's why it sold. Thank you, thank you, Kate! I attribute this sale to her editing."
--Karen Aldridge, writing as K.C. Laine

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"Yesterday, I received a contract for my first sale to Woman's World...I'm still shaking, but incredibly happy...Thanks Kate for your class."
--Barb Smith

"After 20 years of rejection letters from Woman's World, I finally sold a story.  I owe it all to Kate and her wonderful editing.  She helped me bring my story to a higher, sweeter level.  Her suggestions have given me much insight into what WW editors are looking for.  Don't hesitate--It's so worth it.  Thank you, Kate!"  

"I've been taking UCLA writing classes and you have given [me] more specific advice than they ever have."
--Christine Bloom

"You sent me the materials from your class and asked me to tell you if I ever got published. Well, the good news arrived today... Thanks for all the great tips! I'm sure they helped me rise to the top of the 'heap' of submissions they receive."
--Cindy Hogg

"I encourage any of you who haven't taken Kate's course to do so...my stories are moving up the chain of editors like they didn't before."
--Deb Noone, who has since sold a story to Woman's World.

"I've taken your class twice and both times learned so much...how to structure stories to appeal to WW editors and how to write 'tight.'"
--Kait Carson

"I very highly recommend Kate's editing services. Her personalized feedback is invaluable."
--Linda Nielsen

"Your thoroughness and insightfulness are so appreciated...that's the best $40 I ever spent."
--Rita Rogers

"I wanted you to be the first to know that Woman's World bought "Blueberry Hill," the story you helped me with! I'm so excited, and can't thank you enough. My first income from writing fiction - and I literally could not have done it without you."