Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Out with the Old"

by Krista Weidner from the March 21, 2011 issue

Tagline: Erin's classified ad helped her get rid of something she'd held on to for too long--and find something she hadn't known she was looking for!

In a Nutshell: Erin wants to give away the piano her ex left behind. The man who eventually wants to take it off her hands is cute, but he's getting it for his wife. But wait! The brother who came along to help him move it is his just as cute twin!

Observations: I always love a good plot twist that sends the story in a new direction, changing everything. In this case, just when you think that Erin won't find romance, in walks the unmarried twin.

I really enjoyed the easy banter between the brothers. My two teenaged sons bicker all the time, so a story like this one, even though it's fiction, gives me hope!

I also liked the upbeat tone the story ended on. Sometimes the stories end on a positive note, but it's understated and placid. This one had a bit more umph to it.

It's just amazing what you can find in the classifieds these days!


Krista said...

Kate, thanks for reviewing my story! They made quite a few edits this time--some that I wasn't crazy about--but I'm not about to diva!

Kate Willoughby said...

Hey, you're welcome, Krista. Yep, we writers can't afford to be divas, unless our last name is Rowling or Roberts. (Hey, maybe I should pick a pen name that starts with a W...)

Kate Willoughby said...

Er,*R*. Sheesh. Maybe I should go back to kindergarten and learn my letters! LOL

Krista said...

Ha ha, I knew what you meant!

I was just reading your comments about the "man to the rescue" story that ran before mine. I had sent in a story like that--involving a flash flood--and got my worst rejection ever--not even a personal note. I wondered if they didn't like the "damsel in distress" angle. I suppose I'll never know.

Kate Willoughby said...

Maybe it was the madcap feel to the raccoon story that made it palatable to them...