Monday, January 30, 2012

Beginner's Luck

by Jan Drexler from the February 6, 2012 issue

Tagline: Neither Mary nor Bryan could ski...but the both ended up being very glad they'd hit the slopes!

Well, my WW didn't come AGAIN, so while I was at the store I bought a copy, which makes me angry because I have a subscription. At least you all will get a new analysis out of it.

In A Nutshell: Mary's friend talked her into going on a ski trip. She meets a guy in a similar situation. Because they both suck at skiing, they decide to take lessons together. After the vacation is over, they make a date because they (of course) both live in the same city.

Observations: This is a fine example of a first meet story. The hero and heroine meet in a cute way. (He skis out of control into a rack of skis. Trying to help him up, she falls down too.)

Drexler establishes a connection between them. (They decide to take a break from falling and crashing. Over cocoa in the lodge, they discover they live and work in the same city. Their friends, both expert skiers, talked them into the ski trip.)

There is a transition where Drexler summarizes in one paragraph their week together, and then on the last night of the trip, Bryan asks Mary out.

What makes this a bit unusual is there's a kiss at the end! It's very matter-of-fact, but it's there just the same. Viva la romance!


Pat said...

I didn't get my issue of this magazine eiter, but I did get the next one. This is the second time in six weeks that I didn't get an issue. I will call tomorrow and request it be sent to me.

The curious thing is that I've been getting WW in the mail for almost 20 years and I can say, up until now, this is very unusual for me.

Kate Willoughby said...

It's annoying! Sometimes I get someone else's mail. I wonder if my issue got delivered to the wrong house and they were unneighborly and kept it... :(

Pat said...

Even better, I just called and they told me this issue is not considered late until Thursday, Feb 5th. I already received the Feb 13th issue on Satruday. Go figure.

Kate Willoughby said...

So, I'm getting them all out of order. It's weird.

Pat said...

I'm caught up. I got the Feb 20th issue today, but I still have not received the Feb 6th issue. I will call them on Monday and ask to have it mailed to me as my critique partner, Elaine Togneri, wrote the mystery in that issue.

Pat said...

Hey, Kate, I got my 2/6 issue in today's mail a week after I got the 2/13 issue. Go figure.

Kate Willoughby said...

It's a mystery we'll probably never get the solution for!