Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's A Small World

by Diane Crawford from the May 14, 2012 issue

Tagline: Laura was so sure she wouldn't like Graydon, she considered not meeting him at all. That would've been a mistake...

In A Nutshell: Laura's mom wants Laura to show the son of a friend around town since he's relocating there. She agrees and sets up a meeting, intending to duck out ASAP. But he's handsome and nice. Luckily, he likes her too.

Observations: Diane Crawford is a regular contributor to Woman's World. Her stories are always sweet and realistic. The coincidence you're asked to swallow is not that huge, because we all know what a small world it is! Laura's parents retired in Florida, and her mom makes friends with a woman whose son is relocating to Laura's town. After that one small coincidence, the rest of the story plays out believably.

The story is in Laura's first person POV, and it's easy to identify with her. She has all the thoughts we ourselves might have. She's reluctant to meet the guy. Then she makes it clear that she "has plans" after the movie so she can duck out as soon as possible. And when Grady seems like a nice guy she'd like to see again, she regrets her earlier claim that she had plans after the movie. This helps make her character more sympathetic to readers. We're like, "Yeah, I'd probably do that, too."

There was a nice black moment at the end when Grady doesn't call for a week. But then, of course, he does call. :)

Crawford also takes the time to show the connection between the hero and heroine being made.

First, Laura finds him handsome. (See "My Favorite Part" below.)

Second, in the movie...

I'd chosen a good movie, and before long we were both engrossed. But not so absorbed that I didn't feel a little tingle the few times he leaned close to whisper comments in my ear.

Finally, there's this...

He walked me to my car, a gentlemanly gesture that made me like him even more.

It didn't take a lot of words, but Crawford clearly showed Laura's attraction. That's important in Woman's World stories. We want the readers to believe that the couple has a chance at long lasting happiness.

My Favorite Part: After Laura's hemming and hawing and dread, the big day arrives:

On Sunday, I got to the plaza early and stood waiting for Graydon Wentworth.

Finally[,] I spotted him.

Tall, dark and handsome pretty much covered it. 



Mary Jo said...

Oh, oh, Kate, here we go again. I don't know how many times synchronicity has taken its toll. I just submitted a blind date story to WW back in March. I suppose it will be on its way back to me any time now. Too bad. It was such a cute story.

I really appreciate the idea of using plays on famous titles, etc., as WW story ideas. I didn't believe it could work. However, last night I started with the name of a lovely painting, and voila, here came the story. I like it. I hope Johnene will.

Kate Willoughby said...

They publish TONS of blind date stories. I would not give up hope yet. Not at all.

Kate Willoughby said...

They publish TONS of blind date stories. I would not give up hope yet. Not at all.

Mary Jo said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Kate, and a double shot of it! I really like the story (from the painting) I wrote last night, and I hope it will appeal to the WW editors. The only thing, the hero is a divorce lawyer. Well it seemed to fit him best. Should they buy it, though, I have no doubt that Johnene will turn him into an Accountant. Ha-ha!

Tamara said...

I like the guy's name in this story..

Betsi said...

I love his name too, Tamara. When you hear his name is Graydon Wentworth, you can totally empathize with Laura not wanting to meet him!