Thursday, May 24, 2012

Looking Forward to Christmas

I wrote a Christmas themed story a few months ago and filed it away because it was way too early to submit it. But it's almost June. Time to send it!

When I got it out on Monday, I realized that the ending pretty much sucked. LOL I worked on it for an afternoon. It didn't really get better. I worked on it more and it still felt flat. Because it was Christmas-themed, I thought it really needed to engender a warm fuzzy feeling.

I finally think I got it last night. I don't often write holiday theme stories, so I'm interested to see if it flies. I have one written for the Chinese Horoscope issue, too, but it's a chancy story because it's in the POV of a Chinese American matchmaker, whom I gave a cultural flair. We'll see if they go for it. :)


Mary Jo said...

Ah, Kate, Christmas already! I do hope your story makes it to print in WW. I am not inclined to target holidays in submitting my stories to WW. Since it is a one-shot deal, it really narrows the chances of making a sale. Of course, if everyone feels like that, the field could be wide open. I did submit a 4th of July story for this year. I thought it was really cute, but it "didn't work" for Johnene.

With your background, your non-generic Christmas story should be a good one. I, for one, want to read it. Good luck with this one.

I must admit, I do have a Valentine story that I will send in July. It is a much shortened version of a story I wrote years ago. Well, it isn't the WW generic either, so it may end up back in the vault. But I like it.

Mary Jo said...

Sorry, I meant your Chinese Horoscope story. But I will be glad to see you sell both of them to WW

Tamara said...

I have one of those, too, Mary Jo. I think Patty must have liked our Valentine stories or she wouldn't have asked us to resend them.

Kate Willoughby said...

Mary Jo, I never targeted holidays either, for the same reason, but in the last year or so, I decided to try to write a few while that holiday was happening, because that's when the ideas for them come up. Then, I would hold them and submit six months later. It's a system that's been working so far.

I don't actually have high hopes for the matchmaking Chinese horoscope story. The only thing it really has going for it is that it features the Chinese horoscope prominently. Otherwise, it's a matchmaker story heavy on the matching... Wait a second. I just thought of a way I can rework it. LOL Back to the drawing board.

Mary Jo said...

Tamara, my Valentine story isn't anything Johnene ever saw. It is just a story (a fairly long one)I wrote years ago and never had a market to submit it to. So, no it isn't something she asked to see. It will be a surprise for her. Mine is about misdirected Valentine gifts and an understanding heart. Anyway, I like it even if no one else ever does.

Kate, I would love to see the WW romance stories show us something a little different once in a while. It may never happen, but at least we can keep knocking on the door. Now I really want to see your Chinese story make it to print!

Tamara said...

Wow, Mary Jo, did I ever misread your post. I thought maybe yours, like mine, was returned by Patty Gaddis, who told me to resubmit in time for next Valentine's Day. I sent it in too late. Let's hope I write better than I read.

Pat said...

Kate, if they really like you story, it just might make it for that issue. WW does want that 'the same, but different' story. Good luck with it.