Wednesday, July 25, 2012


A rejection for a story submitted May 9.

Form letter.


The good news is that the story I submitted BEFORE that one didn't get rejected yet. I have hope!


Marion Agnew said...

Sorry about your rejection -- you are always so positive! As you always say, many good stories are rejected for reasons beyond our control.

Tamara said...

I feel your pain.

majbooks said...

Sorry about the rejection, too, Kate. At least you have another out. I have a story out since mid-April so I keep watching my mail, knowing that writers are starting to hear about rejections and acceptances from around that time. Let's hope we both get GOOD news in the near future!
--Mary Ann

Tracie said...

I just received a rejection letter today for a short story that I sent. I was feeling like a loser until I saw that you, someone who has sold nine stories to them, also recently received a rejection letter. Also, my letter came from Seattle, and according to your FAQ's, that means it got past the first editor, right? Maybe there's hope for me yet.
I'm not a romance writer, but one of my writing goals is to sell a story to Woman's World. I'm thinking of taking your classes.
Good luck to you on the story that hasn't been rejected yet.

Kate Willoughby said...

Marion and Tamara thanks. :) You know, after a while you get so many rejections that their ability to wound you deeply is just softened. It helps to sell to them once in a while, too. If I got ONLY rejections, I can see how that would become really depressing. But you can't give up because you will never sell if you don't submit something.

Mary Ann, you're a great WW writer. I always enjoy your stories.

Tracie, thanks so much for commiserating with me. Yes, your story got to Johnene. Congrats. It may not seem like much of an accomplishment, but it is.

Pat said...

Hang in there, Kate. I know how difficult those blank rejection can be. I'd feel better if I just got any kind of reason why.