Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lucky in Love

by Lisa Weaver from the July 9, 2012 issue

Tagline: As far as Sarah was concerned there was nothing unlucky about Friday the 13th. After all, that was the day she met Brian!

In a Nutshell: Sarah's Friday the 13th isn't going well, but she still refuses to believe in superstition, even when the handsome cop pulls her over for a broken tail light. They chat and when he finds out she's a teacher, he invites her to drop by the station sometime so they can discuss a safety awareness program he's been thinking about. She does. They have dinner.

Photo by Clotee Pridgen Allochuku (cc)
Observations: I have to admit, I thought "Bridesmaids" when I read about the cop pulling her over for the broken tail light, but other than that it seemed like your basic WW story.

Notice the tiny black moment when Sarah thinks Brian is taken.

     "I'm looking for Officer Reynolds," I tell the woman at the front desk. "Is he here?"
     "He went off duty at four, but he should be back soon," she says. "He went out for a run with Holly."
     Holly? I wonder. Who's Holly? I can't see myself trying to pry information from the woman, so I just say, "I"ll catch him some other time."
     "It looks like you won't have to," I hear someone say.
     I turn around to see Brian coming through the door walking a German shepherd.

LOL. I've never seen a WW heroine find out the "other woman" is a dog. What a bitch! LMAO.


Mary Jo said...

Kate, I'll be darned--chronicity has nailed me again! I just got a story rejected a few weeks ago. The title? Lucky in Love, of course. In mine, the girl won a state lottery and consulted a financial adviser. He was the guy for her as she arranged to give all the money away. Johnene didn't like it.

I think this Friday the 13th story is cute. I can see why Johnene bought it. The policeman was a great guy. That counts for a lot.

Pat said...

Mary Jo, I can't tell you how many times that happens to me. I always think the story they bought is better than mine.

I loved this story.

Mary Jo said...

Aw, Pat, you are too modest. I was not crazy about my story, but usually I think I am a much better writer than most of what I see on the Romance page. That is not necessarily the original writer's fault, though.

Just wishing for a wider marketplace for short popular fiction. Maybe someday. It's about time, I think.

Tamara said...

This was an adorable WW story. The other woman named "Holly" was clever, and the story fit nice into the word count.

Kate Willoughby said...

Sorry to hear about the rejection, Mary Jo.

I hate to point this out, but Johnene's changed titles on me before. I sold her a story I titled "Old Dogs Can," and she changed it to "A New Attitude."

The only time I assume synchronicity is at fault for edging one of my submissions out is when I get a note from Johnene saying that on my rejection letter. (This actually happened a couple of times.) Otherwise, I assume the submission wasn't up to par for one reason or another.

Mary Jo said...

Oh, that's right, I meant synchronicity. Anyway, it is always a jolt when I have submitted a story and two weeks later find something similar come up on the WW Romance page. It may not be the reason for a rejection, but it probably doesn't help. I doubt the editor thinks, oh, this was a good one, wonder if I can find a few more just like it.

I wonder if the same five or six people vote on these stories every week. I am sure the writers would like a little more honest feed back.

Tamara said...

Not many people comment either. It was a long time before I just curiously looked up "Woman's World" on my browser to see what I might find -- and there was Kate -- and she critiqued one of my published stories shortly thereafter. I bet it just hasn't occurred to a lot of the WW writers that this is here.

Betsi said...

Tamara, the Yahoo WW Writer's Group has over 300 members, and we all know Kate's blog is here. There may not be a lot of comments, but I bet she gets a lot of traffic to her site!

Tamara said...

I didn't know about the WW writer's group. So, they probably keep Kate busy editing.

Betsi said...

Tamara, I'm referring to the Yahoo Group called WWWriters -- you should definitely find us and join the conversation! Kate and I are among the 300+ writers, both published and not, who share tips, answer questions, etc. Everyone is supportive and helpful!

Kate Willoughby said...

I don't get as much traffic, nor as much editing, as I'd like.

I agree, WWWriters is a great group. Supportive, helpful, caring, and not too chatty that I get annoyed with the amount of email I get. :)