Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Service

A comment from a reader yesterday got me thinking. She said she'd been trying to get published by Woman's World for ten years. Ten years! That's got to be a lot of stories. When I read that, I immediately wanted to get a hold of all her stories and skim them to see if I could pinpoint the problem for her.

It got me thinking again about my editing service. For a while now, I've been wanting to create a new, quicker, more general service for you guys that isn't so expensive. Forty bucks is a lot to pay, even though you get a full line-by-line edit for your money.

So I wanted to float a couple of ideas off you.

1. What do you think of consultations? You could send me a story and we could instant message about the story for a certain length of time, perhaps half an hour. We would discuss general things--tone, characterization, plot, beginnings/endings, dialogue, etc. We might even end up brainstorming.

My son suggested Facebook as a vehicle for communication... My problem with this is that I suck at figuring out time zone changes. LOL I'm thinking $20/hour.

2. The other idea I had was to offer a service in which I look at a story and rather than do a line-by-line edit, give a 500-1000 word general opinion of it, similar to what I do on the blog but obviously about your story, not someone else's. Price...$10?

3. The last idea I had was to look at three rejected stories and give you my short opinion (a paragraph or two) as to what might have been the problem. I'm thinking $10/three stories for this also.

Comments? Suggestions? Are these services that would interest you?


Kath said...

Consultations sound quite good, Kate, although I must admit I don't write many "Woman's World" type stories. But it might be useful for a British writer like myself to get an idea of what an American editor would be looking for and whether we've succeeded in creating a US feel to a story - very difficult even if you read a lot of James Patterson!

I'm assuming WW still don't accept emailled stories. That makes it quite difficult - mainly because of the need for an SAE, as not many post offices in Britain seem to sell international reply coupons any more. Would they email a rejection, do you think, if asked to? Some British mags now do this.


Mary Jo said...

Kate, I think you have some fine ideas here. I have great confidence in my own writing; however, I have not sold a romance to WW since this past March. My thought is that I will collect my rejections with the possibility of self publishing them in a small book. I doubt I would ever make the cost back, but I would like them to be read by the public. The three-for-fee idea appeals to me as you could offer your opinion on whether my stories are worth publishing. Frankly, I have read some self-published books,and I think they should have saved their money.

Kate Willoughby said...

I really have no idea whether they would send an e-rejection, Kath. I'm sorry.

I also have very little knowledge about the self-publishing industry either. There is much more that goes into a sale than just the quality of the writing. Cover art and the blurb come to mind.

Sherri M said...

Good ideas, Kate! I'm always stumped when my darlings come home without an invitation to the big party. Because they consistently come back from Seattle, I know they're good...they're just not what the big chief is looking for. I can't fix something I can't see. So if you were to offer the three-for-$10 lookie-loo, I'd be one of your first customers. Sherri

Sherri said...

Oh, and Happy Halloween!

Kate Willoughby said...

Thanks, Sherri! Happy Halloween to you, too. I'll definitely post if I decide to do any of these.

Anonymous said...

Kate -- I liked the $10/3 idea also. I have many rejections that could stand a look see for my own peace of mind. I see that Englewood Cliffs, NJ is right near the ocean -- I have a new story to submit but think I'll hold on to it for a while in case WW offices are not in working order.

Mary Jo said...

That's something I have been concerned about, too, Kate. Do you have any word on whether the WW offices were hit hard by Sandy? Or if they are affected by the serious aftermath?

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering the same thing about the WW offices. Hope everyone there is okay.

I agree with Anonoymous, been postponing sending in a story for fear it might not reach them.


Linda said...

Hi Kate,

The new pricing would definitely make using your service more affordable - especially in quantity., I would love the opportunity to run my WW articles by someone so "in the know" before submitting.

I also like the variety of choices depending upon need. Personally, I would most often choose the option to review a single story before submission to give it the best chance at publishing.

I've taken your class and already been published by WW but for $10 a pop, I'd definitely use your service as a second set of eyes!


Kate Willoughby said...

Hey, Anon, Mary Jo, Nicole, I have no idea if their offices were hit. I'll try to find out.

Thanks, Linda, I have now posted a veritable menu of editing choices. Thanks everyone for your feedback.

Kate Willoughby said...

All right, I have word from two sources that the Woman's World offices are up and running. You are free to submit again.

Also, FYI, if you don't want to be anonymous but do not have a Google account, OpenID, you can choose the "Name/URL" choice and it will give you a place to type a name. :)