Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Glow of Love

by Sherri Mostaghni from the December 10, 2012 issue

Tagline: Karen wanted to light up their new home with the magic of the season. If only she could persuade her husband to see the holidays her way...

In a Nutshell: Karen and her husband Jim just moved into their first house. She wants to decorate the exterior with lights, but her husband is reluctant. When she gets home from work, she finds he's done the house up right after all.

Observations: This is a wonderful story about an already established relationship, something I find hard to write. In one of my classes I talk about these stories and how they often show a problem in a marriage being solved. This story doesn't do that. It merely demonstrates what a great marriage looks like. What a refreshing change.

Even though we see the surprise a mile away...

"I know. I'm jealous you still have a few days to putter around our new house. Maybe you can do some Christmas decorating."'s still heart-warming to live vicariously through Karen.

While the surprise was fantastic on it's own, I thought that Mostaghni added extra holiday sentiment by adding that final paragraph.

"It's beautiful, sweetheart! Absolutely brilliant!"

He thought I meant the lights. But I meant him and the gift he'd given me: the gift of listening.

Bam. See what I mean? Then she adds this last sentence, which ups the warm fuzzy feeling even more, making it a perfect ending.

And I told him so later that night in the glow of our Christmas lights.

Photo by Jo Naylor (cc)


Sherri Mostaghni said...

Thanks, Kate! S

Mary Jo said...

One little comment, it is so refreshing to see a story like this one, celebrating a strong relationship. The cute-meet stories can be inventive and fun, but this one says a love is lasting. A romantic night under the Christmas lights doesn't hurt either.

Kate Willoughby said...

You're welcome, Sherri. :)

I agree, Mary Jo.

Jane Smith Sibley said...

So much to admire in this story!

I thought I was the only one who found them hard to write, too! It's hard for me to find that balance between "this one small action fixed everything," which isn't possible, with some acknowledgement of the power of positive actions done consistently over time.

Good work, Sherri!

Pat said...

I also loved this story but agree they are difficult to write. I guess that's why we don't see them often.

Great job, Sherri.

Kate Willoughby said...

Jane, exactly. Perhaps this is a lesson for us--to focus on one small action in the midst of other small actions. A slice of the positive marriage life, as opposed to the marriage in trouble being saved, a far more difficult feat to describe in 800 words. LOL It bears some thinking, that's for sure.