Monday, February 18, 2013


So, I'm driving to work early this morning and am thinking hard. The car is always a place where my writing brain seems to want to work. Anyway, I was thinking about Valentine's Day and how my husband surprised me in a really wonderfully thoughtful way. (Hmm. I may have to write a story inspired by that, too.) I was thinking about how we'd spent our last anniversary, at the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

I thought, not everyone loves garlic like you do, Kate. People might even go so far as to think garlic is a particularly non-romantic food item.

So, I thought, what about a story that just involved tasting food. What about putting anniversaries AND tasting food together, maybe at one of those "Taste of" events, where restaurants serve tiny portions of yummy food and you get to walk around and stuff yourself sick for one fee?

My brain went nuts. I was in the zone. The plot unfolded over only about four minutes. I thought of a nostalgic element, and a cute surprise for the hero to spring on the heroine... It's gonna be a good one.

I'm in the middle of writing it right now and trying to keep negatives out of it or at least tone them down.

I sure love being in the zone. It's a place I'd like to visit more often!


Chris said...

Don't you just love it when an idea comes zooming out of nowhere. Writing a new story's a real voyage of discovery. Enjoy your trip, Kate.

Mary Jo said...

My favorite TV shows are on HGTV and the Food Channel (at night). I would love to go to a Tasting Event, but I am too far from the city, and those they have locally are way to expensive for me. They are mostly for the elite. I hope your story works out well.

Did you get the Highlights guidelines? They are on the web. The suggestion on your blog generated a story I am sending to that mag. I see they buy all rights, including the copyright. $105 and up. We will see what happens.

Tamara said...

A story about garlic might be cute, too. Anyway, I hope this one makes it, Kate. A four-minute story -- that's so satisfying.

Mary Jo said...

Is there anything more sweet and delicious than roasted garlic? Go for it, Kate.

Jody E. Lebel said...

As long as they both have garlic on their

Pat said...

Kate, I love it when a idea unfolds perfectly in my head. Those are the easiest stories to write and usually turn out the best. I wish you much luck with this one.