Monday, July 28, 2014

My People!

There is no way to explain how I happened to run into two Woman's World people at the Romance Writers of America Conference other than Fate.

I was sitting at breakfast and a woman asked if anyone was sitting next to me and I said no. Now, you have to understand this is a giant room with hundreds of people. Lo and behold, it was Lynn Cahoon! We squealed! We hugged! We smiled and chatted all through breakfast. It was so much fun to meet someone from the Woman's World World in person. (Sorry about the horrid selfie. I suck at selfies.)

Then, literally five minutes after I was finished with breakfast, I was in the Goody Room putting the last of my promotional pens in the basket I had brought. (The Goody Room is a room where authors can leave items of all sorts for other writers to grab. Pens are very popular, but I picked up mints, a fan, lollipops, a screen cleaner, lip balm, among other things.) I was about to leave when someone said, "Kate?"

There was Linda Nielsen! Again, there was squealing. There was hugging. Neither of us could believe we'd found each other among the 2000 some writers attending the conference.

It was so wonderful to not only meet her, but sit next to her at a workshop on how to "Quiety Make Six Figures in Indie Publishing." We both left that workshop with stars in our eyes about what kind of options are open to authors today. 

Linda, Lynn, I am SO glad we met. If you're going to the New York conference, we have to get together, all three of us!


Tamara said...

Kate, are these women WW romance/mystery writers or people who work for WW? I don't see their names on the masthead. Whichever, that must have been fun. (Your pictures are cute.)

Kate Willoughby said...

They're writers! Click on their names to see the reviews of their stories on this blog. Three stories between them. :)

Lynn Cahoon said...

Kate, so nice to see you! I loved how fate brought us together that morning.

See you in NYC!

Anonymous said...

I so wanted to attend, but just wasn't in the cards. *Crosses fingers for next year*

Love hearing about all those who found each other and had such an inspirational time.

Bobbi Romans