Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ramblin' Rose

by Shelley Cooper from the September 15, 2014 issue

Little Rose was as cute as could be...and so was her Uncle James!

In a Nutshell
Natalie lives next door to a hottie who's babysitting his niece while her parents are on a cruise. His niece unwittingly acts as matchmaker.

Everything old is new again. This is another story that had elements from a story I'd written for Woman's World years ago. My story also had a niece with parents on a cruise. The grandparents were supposed to babysit, but I think there was a medical emergency and the uncle had to take over.

I thought this story was adorable. The ending was super sweet and heartwarming.

One thing I wanted to point out was the structure of this story was a little different in that the backstory was in the middle of the story and brought out via conversation between James and Natalie.   Also, it was the niece's backstory, not that of the heroine or hero. As for them, we are just to assume they've been friendly as neighbors but never gone further than that.

Another thing...the dream. What a useful device. When a character dreams, it's a handy way to foreshadow and expose more of the character to the reader--his/her fears, wishes, or backstory. In "Ramblin' Rose" it's used to beef up the ending and help the reader dream too.

In an aside, I have a hydrangea bush with flowers like the one in the picture! I actually also have a next door neighbor named James, but he's married with kids. LOL

Also, reminder that when the author's name is in bold, it's also a hyperlink to all their story analyses on this blog.

Photo credit: Derek Ramsey via Wikimedia Commons


Mary Jo said...

No comments? I am surprised. The little girl in this story was so darling, I wonder if Shelley can tell us if she was patterned after a real person. I am not crazy about kid stories, but this one was exceptional. And everyone that agreed said, Amen.

Betsi said...

Amen. ;-)

Mary Ann said...

Amen from me also. I thought this story was terrific--cute and sweet and a little bit sexy (wasn't there a bare-chested man in p.j. bottoms?) Shelley did a great job with this one!

Melody Murray said...

I agree, this is a cute story.
Happy Birthday Tamara.

Pat said...

Amen. I loved this story. Kate, thanks for all those labels. I'm going to go looking for them all and study them...yet again. LOL

Tamara said...

That's nice, Melody. Thank you.