Saturday, March 14, 2015

This Is For You

by Karen M. Leet from the March 9, 2015 issue

Gareth had met the woman of his dreams that morning. Now, it seemed, he'd let her get away...

In a Nutshell: Gareth gets off the bus before he can get this fascinating woman's name. Because he's a radio DJ, he uses the broadcast to try and find her.

I loved this story. It started out a tad slow for me. It wasn't until the middle of the story, when Gareth was executing the idea his buddy had, that I got interested. I thought it was funny how so many women called in, claiming to be "the woman on the bus." (And what idiots, because the minute he met them, he'd know she wasn't the right woman. Duh.)

I thought their solution to finding the real woman was very clever and her note was just right.

Because the beginning was a bit slow, I maybe would have liked to see some of the real conversation, or maybe just their goodbye. Or maybe you liked it just fine the way it was.

Photo Credit: Ross Murray vai Flickr Creative Commons


Mary Jo said...

Yes, this was a cute story and certainly different from the usual WW fare. However, I think the solution was nothing but a crap shoot. The chances that a woman going to work is likely to be listening to a DJ, and a certain DJ at that, while she is on the job is what? Nil? I have not read this storyline before, but I saw it on TV...can't remember what show. Maybe Seinfeld.

Chris, if you are reading this, I am unable to send any emails right now...something is blocking I can't send you the March 23 story scans.

Pat said...

Kate, I loved this story for its uniqueness. Another great new story for WW.

I didn't notice that it was slow in the beginning, but now that you said that I will go back and look.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I've had the same problem as Mary Jo. I'll try resending email again tomorrow. Hope you have a great weekend.

In regards to the story, I liked its originality as well. However, I agree that it might be a little unlikely that the lady would hear the DJ while at work. Still, it was very well written. Many congrats to the author!


Chris said...

I didn't have a problem with the woman hearing the DJ while at work. Lots of workplaces have radios on - my dentist does, to relax his patients while he's drilling their teeth, my doctor has music playing quietly in the waiting room, and shops and stores often do. Not a problem to my mind. I enjoyed this story, thought it was original, well paced, and deserved its place in the mag.

Mary Jo, I got the latest scans through this morning, so thank you for those. Tressa, nothing received from you lately, so I'll look forward to hearing from you when you get your emails sorted. (Sorry for the private messaging, Kate. I know it's meant to be about the stories)

Kate Willoughby said...

I did have the thought--oh, that's pretty unlikely that she'd just happen to hear him say that--but I didn't have much trouble suspending my disbelief.

Betsi said...

I'm not sure, but didn't he tell her on the bus that he was a DJ? It's certainly possible she'd want to hear his show after meeting him.

Good story.

Kate Willoughby said...

Oh, good point, Betsi!

Sandy Smith said...

Mary Jo, the television show where you saw this might have been Frasier. That is where I saw something similar. Of course, if you know Frasier, it didn't work out too well.

As for her listening to the radio, it was probably a long shot but sometime long shots work out. I could believe his show might be really popular and everybody listens to it. But I agree that she might have been listening because she was also interested in him.

The women who said it was them were probably just hoping after he met them, he would like them better!

Mary Jo said...

Sandy, you're right...Frasier. I knew it was one of those old favorites.

The only radio station that comes in clearly here is an AM station...and all the shows are talk, talk, talk.

This story was so well written, it wouldn't hurt to write the editors and praise their work. A lot of good stories lately.

Chris said...

Yes, we are definitely seeing a change in WW's romances, with greater variety and more realistic set-ups. They're never going to please all of us every week, but the signs are good that WW authors are being allowed to be a bit more contemporary and true to life. I'm looking forward to seeing Kate's review of this week's one when she posts it.

Oriole said...

As far as "uniqueness" goes, I can't help but think of an episode of "Frasier" where Roz (his producer) spotted an attractive man on the bus (her car was in the shop, she rarely took the bus) and they chatted briefly before he departed. She didn't even get his name. But she decided to use Frasier's radio program to describe the incident on the air and encourage the unknown man to contact her at the studio because she'd felt a "connection" with him.

Oriole said...

Oops, just noticed that other readers above had also ID's the Frasier storyline. So does this mean that if a skilled writer can slightly manipulate an old sitcom plot, they can successfully sell it as an original romance to WWM? Discuss.

Kate Willoughby said...

Great question, Oriole. I remember that episode. The world of sitcoms might be a great mine for story ideas.