Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Matching Hearts by Tina Radcliffe

March 21, 2016 issue

Tagline: Casey never dreamed that her baggage would attract the man of her dreams!

Observations: This is a story I wish I'd thought of! I loved the premise. It rings so true, because how many times have we made a mistake at the baggage carousel? I've done it many times, but I've never met a handsome stranger, darn it.

I wanted to talk about coincidences today. Often, we readers are asked to swallow a pretty big coincidence in a Woman's World story. This is a good example. They're both from a small town, but happen to meet at the Boston airport. Not only that, but they have the same luggage and luggage tag. (So I guess that's two coincidences.) It's pretty hard to believe, but Radcliffe used a little trick that I'm going to share with you. (Sorry, Tina.)

She got the characters to admit it was a pretty unbelievable coincidence.

"Nice to meet you. What are the chances we'd meet in the Boston airport, so far from home?"

Casey chuckled. "Especially when we live in such a small town."

See? She acknowledges that it's a big pill to swallow which sort of makes it okay. I'm not saying it's necessary for you to have the characters remark upon a coincidence if you put one into your story, but it can add a hint of credibility.

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Pat said...

Great story, Tina.

Yes, Kate, I thought the same thing about this simple but great idea. Never thought of it. Now I find myself looking for smaller and simpler ideas. Sometimes a coincidence works.

Beth said...

I actually had an airport story on my list I made for your class. I guess I can't write it now.

Mary Hicks said...

Of course you can write now, Beth! We are all so different and it would be written in your voice. I bet Tina would tell you to write it! :-)

Mary Jo said...

Everyone has an airport story. You wouldn't stop writing about children or dogs (or cats) or flowers, etc. One I remember was when I went to Baggage to pick up my bag and there it was near the top of the carousel where I could not possibly reach it. I was running along beside it, wondering what I was going to do when a man reached up and grabbed it for me. I don't recall that he ever said a word to me, but I certainly appreciated his help.

Mary Hicks said...

I went to Poland last fall, and I had a nice encounter at the baggage claim… may be a story there someday.:-)

Ansel Scott said...

Hi -- thank you Kate SO much for this blog! I just have a question -- does the tag line count as part of the 800 words or is it in addition? I am polishing a story for submittal to WW and with the word count so tight I wanted -- if possible -- an answer to this question. Or does WW come up with their own tag line? Thanks!!! Dian Larkin

Mary Jo said...

I am sure Kate will answer, but I will tell you also that the tagline is the "headline" that the editor writes. Personally, I don't even count the title and my byline as they are not actually a part of the print copy. Other writers may have a different practice.

Sandy Smith said...

I loved the story. I agree that mentioning the coincidence makes it easier to accept. Tina always writes such good stories.

Kate Willoughby said...

The tagline is indeed written by Woman's World. :)