Thursday, March 10, 2016

Where the Heart Is by Rosemary Hayes

Tagline: Cassie returned to her old hometown and realized she never wanted to leave it--or the man she'd left behind--again!

Observations: This was an old flame story that had all the elements it should: a character returning home, the aforementioned old flame, a rehashing of their history, and the promise of something more. However, it didn't grab me. Neither of the characters seemed particularly interesting to me.

Photo credit: Jenna Norman


Pat said...

This was a typical WW romance. Enjoyable.

Chris said...

I've not dropped by in ages, Kate, but wanted to say how much I'd enjoyed Rosemary's story. It was warm and engaging and had me from the opening line. Very nice read.

I hope all's well with you.

Kate Willoughby said...

Welcome back, Chris!