Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Her Own Blind Date by Mary Davis

From the August 8, 2016 issue

Tagline: Tired of blind dates, Carrie decided to take matters into her own hands!

Observations: I loved this story. It was totally a matchmaker story but with a twist I hadn't seen before. I literally have no criticisms. The sister relationship was spot on. I was a little suspicious when she found Jack at her sister's keyboard. I thought he was up to something nefarious. LOL. The office details such as doing system upgrades on the weekends were authentic. And the big reveal, when Carrie finds out that it was not a set-up is priceless.

Photo credit: sureV ainmO via Flickr Creative Commons License


Sandy Smith said...

I loved this story, too. I actually thought the twist would be that it wasn't a set-up, but the way the story was written, I couldn't be sure. That makes it a great story. Different than the usual.

Pat said...

I also loved this story for all the reasons mentioned. I was amazed at what Ms. Davis got into a tiny short story. Well done.