Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Purr-fect Romance by Mary Davis

From the September 5, 2016 issue

Tagline: Lucy was tired of losing roommates then Milo came into her life!

Observations: Cute story. Like last week, this story is also tightly plotted. The whole bridesmaid stuff at the beginning is not only backstory to explain why she's moving to a smaller apartment, it sets up the occasion for which she has to dress up, so she can knock Mark's socks off later. I loved that. There was also the breakaway collar plot device, which forced her to see him again.

On a side note, I loved how the cat "talked." That was so cute and clever.

Photo credit: Helen Haden via Flickr Creative Commons License


Bonny Dahlsrud said...

I really liked this story…the repeat back to the "blue eyes" and ending that way was effective. I smiled and chuckled…a good story, for sure!

Pat said...

I also loved this story. Very well written.

Mary Jo said...

This is an issue that I missed, so I got the scan from Chris in the UK, courtesy of Betsi in the US. I am really grateful for the comradery of the WW writers. I think Mary Davis is a new writer to the magazine, isn't she? I like the way she writes and there is another of her stories in the current WW that I like better than this one.

I am not a fan of present tense stories, but they do seem to find success in this magazine. Also, I felt there was some ambiguity in the final scene. Mark is referring to asking Lucy for a date and then says he will bring her apartment. Huh? And another sentence tells us the cat "purrs even" which sounded a little strange to me. The writer's ear, I guess.

We will see more of Mary Davis, I'm sure.

Tamara said...

Losing the collar was a good way to get these two together. I think that "even" must be an error, unless it's misplaced and she's saying that the cat is so content he even purrs. There's also a misplaced "only" at the end of the first paragraph. I'm fond of cats, Kate, and the picture is nice.

Sandy Smith said...

I liked this story, too. I did think she was going to ask him to be her date at the wedding.

Shyra said...

Cute story. As for the 'purrs even', I thought it was supposed to say 'he gratefully purrs even more' since he was already purring while winding around her skirt.