Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bread and Jam by Melanie Dusseau

From the September 19, 2016 issue

Tagline: When April met Chad, it was a sweet surprise!

Woman's World tropes: a farmer's market/yard sale, coffee date

Observations: I swear this story felt like it was more than 800 words. I thought it was well done.

I have to admit I rarely go to farmer's markets, but I think they're terrific, not only to discover new food items and fresh produce, but as settings for Woman's World stories. There's that nostaligia/Americana vibe they have that appeals to both the readers and the editors.

I don't know why, but I felt the caramel macchiato references were a little forced. It may be because I'm a barista and caramel macchiatos are layered drinks, so there is a layer of sweetened milk on the bottom, then the espresso, then foam or ice, then caramel sauce. So, there is no one color.

However, I loved the idea of her selling jam and him selling bread and the random customer making the comment about bread and jam being the perfect pair. I loved the idea they had of giving out samples of both their wares. I really loved the old man tipping his hat to them in the parking lot. I really loved that little addition.

On a side note, last week, I was talking about a mid-point black moment. This week's story had no black moment at all, which is fine. I just thought I"d point that out.

Photo Credit: Scott Miles Love via Flickr Creative Commons License


Pat said...

I loved this story. Love the comradery better the hero and the heroine.

Didn't care that there was no black moment. Just love the cute premise and they way it was handled.

Pat said...

Better should be between. Not sure why that happened, but didn't see it until I posted. My bad.

Sandy Smith said...

I also enjoyed this story. The Farmer's Market theme definitely seems to fit the WW stories.

Melanie D said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone. I liked the edits done to my story; it made it tighter. My original title was "Peas and Carrots," which was not a good fit. Lol

Shyra said...

Loved this feel-good story. Very cute.