Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Enchanted! by Elizabeth Palmer

From the October 23, 2017 issue

Tagline: Eric's dating skills were as creaky as the door to a crypt. Would Ella want to go out with him?

Observations: This was a cute story. I thought it was interesting how we are sailing along with the hero and heroine and then we got a flashback. I don't see many flashbacks in Woman's World stories, so it surprised me. But it worked well, giving us a nice little peek into Eric's relationship with his daughter and some backstory (that daughter urged him to start dating.)

I was a little confused why she would of course be dressing as Cinderella and had to go back and reread the entire story to find out why. (Answer: Her name is Ella.) That is probably my mistake, not the author's.

I also liked that it was from Eric's POV. I always like getting into the heads of the men.

Photo credit: Liz West (via Flickr CC license)


Pat said...

I loved this story. Betsi is another author that when I see her name I know I'm going to get a great read. I also liked that the story was from the hero's POV.

Mary Ann Joyce said...

I always love Betsi's stories and this one was just terrific! Funny, cute, smart--it works on many levels. Wonderful work, as usual!

Chris said...

Perfect for Halloween, with just enough spooky references without going overboard. Loved it.

Shyra said...

Elizabeth Palmer. I smile every time I see that name at the end of a story - even before I start reading it. I liked the man's POV too, and his awkwardness about asking her out, how she saved him by asking first. And how cute it was that he wanted to get another costume. I also liked how quickly his being single was handled with the two empty nest explanation. Thank you Elizabeth for another great story.