Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Romance With Class by Amy Michaels

Photo: John Lodder via Flickr CC License
from the April 30, 2018 issue

Tagline: Liz's literature class focused on classic romances, but could a more intriguing plot be unfolding off the page?

Observations: Loved this story!! I liked the romantic literature focus of the class. I really liked the ending.

Notice there were two matchmakers in the story, rather than the usual one.

Going back and re-reading, I saw this and it made me laugh:

"Did you notice that our reading list is all classic romantic literature? I have it on good authority that our instructor is quite the romantic," Rick said.

We find out later that the instructor is Rick's uncle. LOL


Mary Jo said...

I have not read this story. Once again WW has stopped my subscription. I called them about it. As happens periodically, the Post Office reports to them that the magazine is "undeliverable" and so they cancel it. I suggested that it might be because the address label on WW is put on upside down and the post office automated equipment cannot read the barcode. If they still have copies that I missed (about three or four), they will forward them to me. Otherwise, my subscription will be extended past December. Hope for the best. Does anyone else have this problem?

Pat said...

Mary Jo, I've had a subscription for over 20 years and have never had this problem. Once in a great while I will not receive an issue though. I always as for a replacement as I want the fiction stories for my file.

Yes, the labels are upside down, but two issues ago only my name appears on the label and my mail carrier delivered it to me so your problem is absolutely your post office. Hope you get this straighten out.

Pat said...

Kate, I also loved this story. Now I must go study it with your comments in mind. I really have to learn, after all these years, to read the story as a writer rather than a reader. My bad. LOL

Tamara said...

I have a question for anyone: Since WW publishes the periodic Harlequin romance, I'm wondering whether Harlequin accepts short story submissions (as in, some of those we send to WW that don't make it)? I can't see anything on their websites that indicate that they do, but those stories have to come from somewhere.

The Amy Michaels story is a good one. Congratulations to her.

Anonymous said...

Tamara, I believe the stories are written by Harlequin authors who have books out, as promo. The names of their books are mentioned.

Kate Willoughby said...

I have a problem with delivery too. I think the problem is not the upside down label. I think the covers are so thin, they get eaten by the machines. Sometimes my label is only partly glued on, too.

I think Elizabeth is right in thinking that the Harlequin stories are written by authors who have books releasing at the same time the issue comes out.