Saturday, January 2, 2021

Snow Day

 by Shelley Cooper from the January 4, 2021 issue

Tagline: In the midst of a snowball fight with her nephews, Maeve joins forces with their handsome neighbor, Simon...and gets hit with a surprising new chance at love.

Observations: Shelley Cooper has done it again. I loved this story! This is my favorite part:

Since she wasn't one to get a dare go unchallenged, she gathered a handful of snow and mounded it into a tight ball.

"What's she doing?" Patrick's voice held a panicked note.

"She's not going to throw that at Mr. Graves?" Peter sounded equally panicked.

"Yes, she is!" Parker's eyes shone with admiration as Maeve stood and aimed.

I also loved the rules that kept cropping up.

Photo by John Lodder via Flickr Creative Commons License


Pat said...

I loved, loved, loved everything about this story from the kids, to the snow, to the romance.

You know when you see Shelley's name you know you're in for a great story. I think this is her best ever!

Sandy Smith said...

Shelley is quickly becoming a regular in Woman's World and for good reason. This was another great story. I knew the baby would be a girl and I guessed the name would be Penelope!