Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Housewarming

by Kate Fellowes from the April 23, 2012 issue

Tagline: Holly should have realized that her mother would never let the house go to just anyone. Her mother had a plan. A big plan...

In a Nutshell: Holly's mom is moving into a seniors complex and selling the family home. She wants Molly to meet the man who bought it (her mailman), but Molly has her eye on a man she's been exchanging glances with at the gym. At a dinner that Mom springs on Molly, Molly discovers her gym guy is also the buyer/mailman. What a coincidence!

Observations: I recently told an online class that the one thing you absolutely must have in every Woman's World story is romance. I told them the you need to show it between the hero and heroine. But this story proves me wrong. (My apologies to all my students.) The hero and heroine in this story don't even meet until the end of the story. (The hero says all of five words. LOL)

Looking at what actually occurs here, I see it is partly a story in which Molly does some growing. She eventually accepts the fact that their family home is going to belong to someone else. She also takes responsibility for her own love life by resolving to ask the gym guy for his phone number.

It's also a matchmaker story. A good deal of time is spent with Mom and Molly setting us up for the big coincidence. I'm sure you saw the ending coming a mile away, but it's hard not to feel glad for the characters anyway, especially with an ending line like this:

Behind me. (sic) I thought I heard Mom give a happy little sigh.


Anonymous said...

Kate, I don't know about that photo. The mail carrier is not only wearing a rubber thumb,but worse, he is carrying a 9 x 12 envelope that has you know what in it. I think this is a typical Woman's World story. I did wonder why a mailman who walks miles everyday carrying a fifty-pound pack would bother going to a gym to exercise.

Pat said...

Actually, I figured he was going to the gym to lift weights since he got his aerobic exercise on the job.

I like this story just because it was so different.

Kate, no apology necessary. We all know since WW published the psychic story “Sophie Knows” when they don’t publish paranormal, or the POV from a car and a cat, that WW will break their own guidelines if the EIC loves the story.

Kate Willoughby said...

LOL. I didn't even notice the rubber finger.

So, I guess I should say that *I* believe that when you have the hero and heroine interacting, you should actively show the romance developing between them, but that it's not necessary for publication.

Mary Jo said...

Pat, where/when was the story "Sophie Knows"? I like "different" stories but I do not recall this one.

Pat said...

Mary Jo

“Sophie Knows” was a romance that WW published on Sept 29, 2008. It was written by J.M.S. Brevelari. Sophie the psychic at the senior center has the ‘gift’ tells the story of Carrie and Tom in predictions from when they meet and elope, until she knows they are going to have twins in the future. It was a really cute story that beat out one of my best cop stories. Tom was the cop.


Mary Jo said...

Thanks, Pat. I guess I wasn't reading WW then, at least not on a regular basis. It sounds like the stories were probably a little longer then? I am sorry I missed it. I can't tell you how many times I ran into synchronicity when I submitted stories and, of course, got mine rejected.