Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Long Engagement

by Susan C. Hall from the August 27, 2012 issue

Photo by Ed Yourdon (cc)
Tagline: Given that Katie had accepted TJ's proposal 20 years ago in kindergarten, no one could say that they were rushing into things!

In a Nutshell: While reading the newspaper, Katie sees a picture of the boy who proposed marriage to her when they were in kindergarten. She tries to track him down in the phone book and on the Internet, but to no avail. Following her roommate's suggestion, she goes to the river walk where the picture was taken, hoping to run into him. She does. They reconnect and make a date for dinner.

Observations: I really enjoyed this story, even though I had an idea about "kindergarten sweethearts" that I had planned to write myself. The early bird catches the worm!

Anyway, I found Katie the heroine to be spunky and proactive, qualities I admire. I loved the banter between them. There was none of the awkwardness I would certainly wallow in in that same situation. Also, notice the upbeat ending that is popular at Woman's World. There is no HEA, but the hope of one instead.

He waved and walked to his car, and I watched him go. I was definitely looking forward to tonight--and to whatever might happen next with TJ and me.


Mary Jo said...

Yeah, you and me both, Kate. About two months after submitting a story about a long friendship since kindergarten days that finally became a romance, here was this story on the WW page.

A cute story, but I liked mine, too. Well, that's the way it goes...and goes and goes and goes.

Oh, my story was rejected, of course.

Kate Willoughby said...

I'll just keep that kindergarten pals idea for a few months and write it later. It's not like we haven't seen repeating themes ever before! LOL

Jane Smith Sibley said...

I have passed along my copy of the story, so I can't go back and look, but as I read it I thought, "I don't see a dark moment."

Was there one that I missed?

Kate Willoughby said...

No, there wasn't one in this story. A lot of stories don't have them.