Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time For Love

by Kay Layton Sisk from the April 22, 2013 issue

Tagline: Ella and Geordie were too young when they fell in love the first time. Now, the time seemed just about perfect.

In a Nutshell: Ella enters her cinnamon rolls in the Fair baking contest. The judge is her ex-husband from many years ago. They'd married too young and divorced two years later. Now, after they both achieved their professional goals, it seems as if the spark is still there.

Observations: Here we see Americana striking again in the form of the county fair. The fair as a setting for Woman's World stories is becoming as common as the animal shelter or flower shops. It provides that comforting, traditional ambience that Woman's World likes.

What I liked about this story was that I could totally believe that Ella and Geordie still had feelings for each other and that the only reason their marriage had failed was that they'd been too young to deal with it.

I was surprised that they let the thing about him using the family recipe go. But I was glad to see she wasn't falsely cross about it.

I loved how they talked about the missing secret ingredient, which we readers knew immediately was love. It was such a brilliant way to have them talk about their love lives, but in a secret way known only to them. Using that intimate knowledge from their past only helped push them a little closer to reconciliation and it was so sweet how he opened that door for them by exposing himself before she did.

Photo by stephan.maloman (cc)


Pat said...

This story was special because of the mystery about the secret ingredient and it was rare couples-back-together story. Well done by the author.

Jody E. Lebel said...

This was a cutsy story. Married too young, I understand. Having the families break them up...not so much. Young people deliberately date people their parents don't like. lol. Lots of married couples go on to school and get careers and stay together. But's obvious it didn't work that way for these two but they still have sparks and that's the hook here. As far as the family recipe...he was IN the family for a bit. I thought it was the perfect WW romance.

Melanie D said...

I really liked this story. There was something so natural about the dialogue--I was truly rooting for a reconciliation.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this story. In my opinion, well done by the author. Liked the characters had a romantic history with one another.

Kate, I was telling a friend about your different workshops. This may be a funny question (but promised to ask), will you be running any speical discounts for your courses anytime soon?

Also, any news from Carina?


Kate Willoughby said...

Sorry, Tressa, I have no discounts planned. :(

No news yet!

Kate Willoughby said...

Sorry, Tressa, I have no discounts planned. :(

No news yet!

Mary Jo said...

I would say for anyone who is interested, Kate has put a lot of work into her course, and you will find it well worth the really minimal cost. If you are serious about selling to Woman's World, this could be your key to success. Also, when my computer went BLOOEY and I lost the course, Kate offered to replace it for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Jo,

I agree. I took her class a couple of years ago, and very much enjoyed it :) It was worth every penny.

I was just asking for a friend who is a little tight on money right now.


Kate, I understand. As writers, we nearly work for peanuts as it is! :) Still, I wouldn't give up writing for the world.

Good luck with the submission. I know the wait is probably driving you crazy! lol