Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Missing issue

Alas, I am putting a call out to my followers, hoping someone can send me a copy of the story from the October 7 issue. I got a magazine in the mail and it's dated October 14. :(


Betsi said...

I just sent "The Handsome Helper" by Tina Radcliffe to you, Kate. I believe that's the one you're missing.

T. R. said...


My romance, "The Other Path" is the one in the 14th issue. Just so you know, they spelled my last name wrong, it is Griffith, not Griffin.

Can't wait to see you review.


Tracie Rae

Betsi said...

Oh, Tracie Rae, how disappointing that they spelled your last name wrong -- and when you've already been pubbed in WW so many times!