Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Love on Ice

by N.L. Hickerson from the January 13, 2014 issue

Tagline: Ethan saved the pretty, green-eyed skater from falling on the ice, but nothing could keep Ethan from falling for the skater!

In a Nutshell: Ethan meets a woman skating but she gets away before he can catch her name. The next time he's skating, he finds out it's the same woman his sister has been trying to set him up with.

Observations: Hickerson is a regular contributor to WW. This story is a good example as to why. The circularity that occurs--tying the "most beautiful woman in the world" idea to the end--is perfect. We see the attraction between them. There's humor, from both the hero and heroine. Ethan is a go-getter, checking the local library to see if he can find her.

My only complaint is nothing the author can do much about. Of course, the moment you hear Ethan's sister talking about someone she wants him to meet, you know it's going to coincidentally be the heroine he meets on his own. But that's a plot we've seen before and will see again.

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Chris said...

This was so nicely told, it glided along just as smoothly as its characters on that ice. I thought Ethan and the sweet-faced Annie had bags of charm and wanted them to get together. My only tiny gripe was the head hop at the end, where we stop seeing things through Ethan's eyes and are suddenly being told what's happening by his sister Mandy. But I could live with it because the rest was so good.