Thursday, January 30, 2014

The House on Main Street

by Susan Holloway from the January 20, 2014 issue

Tagline: Samantha had always loved the old Victorian house. Now that Scott lived there, she loved it even more!

In A Nutshell: Scott bought a Victorian house and hired "Sam" the architect to help him remodel it. When he finds out Sam is a woman, he's surprised, just as she is surprised to find out he owns a book and coffee place and bakes the muffins himself.

Observations: Susan Holloway did a good job with this story. I don't have a lot to point out positively or negatively. I noticed that she included a slight nod to feminism with Sam being successful in a traditionally male-dominated field, but other than that, this story was average.

Photo credit: via Flickr Creative Commons


Tamara said...

I had a special feeling of wonder when I read this. I submitted a story about a female mechanic whose name was "Sam"--short for "Samantha"--who fixed a car for, and ultimately found love with, a guy who "doesn't know a carburetor from a crankshaft". Johnene sent it to EIC, who rejected it. I know this because Johnene sent her regrets. It was one of those submissions I believed couldn't miss. Anyway, cute story by Holloway.

Chris said...

That must've been galling, Tamara, specially when the story got so far. This was nicely done, though, and deserved its place in the mag. I like role reversal stories and have used the device myself, with a car mechanic (her) and a midwife (him). It sold but not to WW. This one also scored highly with me because there was no mention of DINNER. Blueberry muffins, now, that's more like it!