Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Don't Go Breakin' My Heart

by Mary Ann Joyce from the April 14, 2014 issue

Tagline: When Sophie broke up with her ex, she thought the music had gone out of her life. Then she met Aidan...

In a Nutshell: Sophie is getting over a break-up with a singer so she's not particularly up on singing herself anymore. Enter the man who works on the floor above hers. When she finds out he's going to karaoke, she can't resist.

Stream of Consciousness Observations: I got halfway before I realized I hadn't stopped to make any comments. LOL Going back to rethink.

Although I personally hate going to listen to karaoke because bad singing makes me want to crawl into a hole and not come out, I think the idea of karaoke in a Woman's World story is cute.

I like the progression of Sophie's attraction toward Aidan and how we see the tiny little scenes.

LOL at what his mom used to say to him in church.

Okay. Done. LOVED IT. The character arc of Sophie, going from dejected, "washed up" singer, to a woman with optimism who sings with a new guy.

There's a reason why Johnene keeps buying Joyce's stories.

Photo credit: Treyhatfield via Wikimedia Commons


Chris said...

It's so neat and tailor made for WW, I knew Mary Ann would make another sale with this. I'm with you on the attractions of karaoke, Kate - there aren't any for me - but I was prepared to overlook that for this story. Loved it.

Pat said...

I agree about the karaoke, but this story pulled me in anyway. Loved her character growth and his sense of humor. Great characters will get me every time.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the nice comments. I am not a big fan of karaoke either, (and have to look up the spelling each time I write it!) but I thought it could be a cute way to introduce a bar (where lots of people meet) and not just have drinking (which I'm sure WW wouldn't really like). Although when my daughter was in L.A. recently, doing her internships over the summer, one of their (the young 20-somethings)favorite hangouts was a karaoke/sushi bar!
--Mary Ann

Kate Willoughby said...

Fun fact, Mary Ann!

Sandi said...

Absolutely loved this. Particularly liked the ending.