Friday, April 25, 2014

An Accidental Meeting

by Nena Jover Kelty from the April 21, 2014 issue

Tagline: It looked as though young Danny's mishap would have happy consequences for his big brother and his pretty neighbor!

In a Nutshell: Big brother Eric comes home to visit. Little brother Danny breaks a windshield with his errant golf ball. The owner of the car almost threatens Danny's idyllic time with his big bro, but everything works out in the end because it's Woman's World!

Stream of Consciousness Observations: I love the interaction between the brothers. I didn't have a big brother, but if I could conjure one, Eric would be very much like him.

Oh, dear. I had a golf ball hit my rear windshield once. Big pain in the behind, but the culprit did come forward just like in the story, so that was good. :)

Okay, job interview...very clever and believable way of pushing the hero and heroine together after the initial meeting.

"Even a ten-year-old could see where this was going." -- Aww. I feel for the kid.

And perfect resolution. We see Eric holding onto his title of "good big brother." We see Danny not being a snotty brat. It's nice to see a kid being respectful and honest, even if the kid is fictional. We see Danny is okay with the three of them seeing the movie together and his logical and, again believable, reasoning.

Good solid story.

Photo credit: Derek Jensen via Wikimedia Commons


Joyce Ackley said...

I enjoyed this romance. It is a little different from the usual WW story because of the kid brother. It's a nice touch. The interactions give the reader more insight into Eric's character. He is supportive and fair and wants to do the right thing. He doesn't mind including Danny in their movie plans.
I think it's a good fit for WW.

Chris said...

I agree, Joyce. This one worked on lots of levels and actually had a little bit of conflict to be overcome. Realism in WW - whatever next? Likeable characters and a neat, enjoyable story.

Pat said...

I agree with both Joyce and Chris. I thought this story was cute and believable, just what I want to read in Woman's World.