Monday, May 5, 2014

Harry Makes Some Magic

by Jenna Tousignant from the April 28, 2014 issue

Tagline: Rachael was too shy to tell Walker  how she felt about hi, so she let Harry Potter help her get the message across...

In a Nutshell: Rachael the librarian has a crush on a patron who is going through the Harry Potter series. She tucks a note inviting him to coffee inside the last volume.

Observations: I thought the premise of the story was cute. It reminded me of a co-worker who recently asked a guy out by giving him her phone number on the sleeve of his coffee drink. (Everyone in the store was on pins and needles wondering if he was going to call her. He did, but has a girlfriend. :( Alas.)

There wasn't a lot of interaction between the hero and heroine in the story and I missed that but am not sure if it's something that should have been there, considering the fact that at the end, they still haven't really had a date because the man hasn't read the note yet. It's all just hopeful, which I suppose is just fine. Woman's World is nothing if not cheerful and optimistic.

Although I suggest people have a dark moment in their stories, I wasn't sure the red herring sister was necessary. It didn't add anything to my enjoyment of the story. I think I would have preferred a little more conversation between Rachael and Walker. Maybe a discussion about which of the Potter books was the best, or which character was their favorite.

I'll be interested to hear what everyone else has to say.

Photo credit: Joe Mabel via Wikimedia Commons


Joyce Ackley said...

If I remember correctly, it seems like Walker was reading a Harry Potter book each week and coming in on Wednesday to check it in and borrow another. I remember thinking he must be s speed reader, or he read 24-7 to do that, because some of those HP books are really thick. It struck me as being a little unrealistic, but maybe that's just me.
After piling up rejection after rejection with WW for my own stories, I really shouldn't say anything at all about one that was pubbed. But we all do, I guess.

Pat said...

I thought the story was cute. I was surprised at the library setting only because I know so many people who have had library stories rejected as "too many library stories."

I didn't bother me that there wasn't much interaction between the hero and heroine and I thought the note was a good idea. Of course, we worry it he'll find it, but after all it is Woman's World so we know there's a HEA.

Another enjoyable WW story.

Oh and Joyce, as an avid reader and insomniac, I never thought to question that he could read those books in a week. LOL

Mary Ann said...

In this story, the hero comes to the library every OTHER Wednesday, so he has 2 weeks to read the books. I thought the premise was cute, but there was a crucial point where either the writing or editing goofed for me. Near the end, when the heroine is looking at the blonde's eyes, there is the line: Hazel eyes that he shared with his sister. Why tell us that? His next line to Rachael is, "Rachael, this is my sister..." It would have been better if they cut the line with her thinking that in her head beforehand. Anyway, WW surely does like library stories. I know Betsi had one published and I had one called "Books and Blind Dates." And there have been others. Funny how some themes are repeated again and again in new ways!
--Mary Ann

Chris said...

I thought this was a sweet story and it didn't occur to me to want more dialogue between the two lead characters because what was there did a good job of moving things on. It was all about the anticipation and hope that they would get together and that was enough for me.

Sandi said...

I thought the story was good. I liked the hazel eyes with gold flecks connection with his sister. I also liked her attraction to him and putting the note in the book.
I would also like to add not related to the story that I hate that supid prove you're not a robot thingy. I never can read them.