Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sew Much Happiness!

by Marti Attoun from the August 18, 2014 issue

Julia was an expert seamstress, but it seemed John Garwood might be the man to stitch up her broken heart!

In a Nutshell
Julia is surprised when a man with an emergency alteration bursts into the store. When he comes back to pick up the pants, he brings muffins and asks her to lunch.

Characterization -- This story had two likable characters. Julia is happy and isn't one to dwell on her problems. She is successful. She loves what she does. Her life is terrific, but she wouldn't mind a little romance.

Enter John. He's funny. (Duct tape!) He's thoughtful (the muffin) and resourceful (gets the lowdown from Sarah at the bakery.)

However, the only thing that sort of made this story stand out for me was that she was a seamstress. That was a profession I don't see a lot within the pages of Woman's World. Other than that, it was, in my opinion, average.

Photo credit: KoS via Wikimedia Commons


Pat said...

Must be because I sew, but I thought this story was adorable. Loved both characters.

Chris said...

I loved it too. I used to do a lot of dressmaking and thought all the little sewing references woven into the storyline made it sparkle and gave it character and charm. I hope we see more from this author.

Joyce Ackley said...

It was a great little story. I think everyone enjoyed it!

Tamara said...

Good title.