Saturday, March 21, 2015

Healing Hearts

by Shannon Fay from the March 15, 2015 issue

Jamie worked so hard she had not time for love. Fortunately, her BFF was there to set her straight!

In a Nutshell
Jamie's BFF is laid up with a broken leg at the hospital Jamie works at. She's a bit miffed when the friend flirts with the guy she's had her eye on but was too shy to approach. But the friend turns out to be a crafty matchmaker.

Who among us hasn't longed for someone from afar? That's what makes this type of story so accessible to Woman's World readers. We've all also wished we had a forthcoming friend like Tara who goes that extra mile to help you out.

Characterization - I thought Paul could have used a tiny bit more personality, but maybe there just wasn't room.

Story Structure - The black moment comes at the middle of the story, which sometimes happens in Woman's World stories, as opposed to regular fiction. Perhaps it's the extreme brevity. Who knows? Anyway, it works. When Jamie sees her friend laughing it up with Paul, that's when you think all is lost. Jamie's shyness robbed her of her chance and now she's going to have to suffer through watching her best friend date the man she's had her eye on all this time.

Luckily, the best friend turns out to be a true friend after all and everything works out. I liked how in the end, Paul grew a backbone. Go Paul!

Photo credit: COD Newsroom via Flickr Creative Commons


Chris said...

This was a sweet set up, two shy people being brought together by the girl's best friend, but the end fizzled out a bit for me. I'd have liked a punchier last line.

Sandy Smith said...

I somehow missed seeing this one. I'm sorry I did. It looks good.

Pat said...

This story worked for me. I thought it was a sweet setup and I liked the characters. I liked the uniqueness of the story plot.

WW must be getting some really great submissions lately to be publishing these cute, new stories.