Monday, August 24, 2015

When Tracy Met Rick

by Rosemary Hayes from the August 10, 2015 issue

Tagline: Tracy's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day turned into something quite the opposite when she met Rick...

Observations: I laughed when I read the beginning of this story because the same thing almost happened to me. This was back in the day when you actually had to insert your key into the door to unlock it. I put my key in and it didn't unlock. I was confused until I saw that a person was sitting in the driver's seat! I was so embarrassed, even though it was an honest mistake. Same make, model and color, as in the story.

I thought that Rick's opening line was funny. I always appreciate a hero with a sense of humor.

There was a little gray moment when Tracy declines his invitation to go for coffee, which is usually something I like. Even though they're only 800 words, these stories benefit from a wee bit of tension, however, I kind of thought saying she didn't go out with strangers, just so she could introduce herself, seemed a little lame.

A wedding at the end is always a surprise and an admirable feat. It's not easy to go from strangers to spouses in 800 words. :)

Photo credit: Kevin Krejci via Flickr, Creative Commons license


Mary Jo said...

I even liked the tagline! I thought this was a very good WW story. That is, until you get to the end. The whole rest of the story is crammed into the last two or three short paragraphs. Honestly, I see the editor at work here. Also, you can see by the blurb in the middle of the page that someone did not pay attention to the name of the guy character. That is kinda distracting, too.

Synchronicity is killing me. Early this year I submitted a story about a girl getting into the wrong car. I never got a response from WW, so I planned to resubmit it. Now, maybe it is too late for that.

Tamara said...

Hey Kate, you skipped my story, August 3 issue. Maybe you skipped some because you are busy and got behind? My ego is dying to see what you and the cyber-gang thought of it. :)

Kate Willoughby said...

Mary Jo, you could sit on it for a year. I think that would be long enough.

Tamara, I can't find my Aug. 3 issue! I don't think I got it. If you send me a photo of the story, I'd be glad to cover it.!!!

Tamara said...

OK. Will do. I was afraid your omission was an editorial comment.:) As for the story that is posted now, I think the title is such a cute takeoff on the Sally and Harry movie.