Saturday, November 28, 2015

Where There's a Will

by M.H. Hickerson from the November 16, 2015 issue

Tagline: Maddie had never fallen quite so hard or so inescapably for anyone before!

Observations: So, remember last week when I talked about matchmaker stories in which we don't see much of the matchmaker? Here's a perfect example. Aunt Martha only shows up in the last paragraph. Otherwise, it's a cute man-to-the-rescue story with a situation I haven't seen before -- someone getting pinned under a box. I thought this was original and perfect from a "feminist's" point of view. Maddie needed help getting out from under that box. It wasn't that she was a woman, so she didn't know how to change a tire or flip a breaker. No, she honestly needed someone's help.

I liked that the stacked DVDs made it easy for David to compliment her on her choice of movies and it gave them something in common. And showing them working together did indeed bode well for their relationship. As Maddie herself pointed out, putting together furniture can be a source of frustration between people.

I did think David was a tiny bit presumptuous to just show up at the same time for the rest of the week, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he brought dinner at least a couple of times.

Photo Credit: HomespotHQ via Creative Commons license


Sandy Smith said...

I liked this story. I agree that it was nice that she didn't need "saved" because she was a female but because she was in a situation that could have happened to anyone. It was well written.

Pat said...

Though I liked the story, I has issues with how big the entertainment center was. I wondered how she managed to move it in the first place much less try to get it up the porch steps. I know how heavy those put-it-together items can be.

Kate Willoughby said...

It's weird how little details, like the weight of the box, creep into our consciousness and prevent us from immersing ourselves in the story. That's what is hard about writing--deciding what readers will let go and what they won't.