Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Dog Walker

by Tracie Rae Griffith from the November 23, 2015 issue

Tagline: When Marilyn broke her ankle, Paul stepped in to sweep her off her feet. (I have to admit that when I read this tagline, I thought there was going to be a broom involved. LOL)

Observations: Tracie Rae Griffith is a regular contributor and this story makes it easy to see why. Way back when I began my quest to be published by Woman's World magazine, dog stories abounded. It's my suspicion that Johnene loves dogs. Or perhaps she just realizes that many of the Woman's World readers love pets of any kind.

Anyway, I've often said it's a great idea to choose two or more Woman's World story tropes and put them together and here we have "man to the rescue" and "a pet." Obviously, doing so doesn't guarantee you a sale, but it gives you a jumping off point. You still have to write a good story. (If you've bought my class, you know that I include a pretty long list of storylines which would be an easy place to spark your own ideas.)

I liked this part:

When he reaches out to shake my hand, I feel a tiny tingle.

I feel the same tingle the next day when our hands touch as I hand over Buddy's leash.

First of all, alliteration! LOL Second, adding that physical attraction is one of those small things that will help the reader believe that these two people are clicking. Don't go too far though. Woman's World doesn't like too much sexy.

There was also a place where I literally laughed out loud. It was where Paul suggests that the solution to their problem (Marilyn's cast is coming off and his services as a dog walker won't be needed anymore) is to break his own ankle. LMAO. Too funny.

Photo Credit: Maelick via Creative Commons license


Pat said...

When I see Tracie Rae's name, I expect a great story and this one did not disappoint. It was a sweetly romance story with a touch of humor. I loved the characters and the chemistry between them.

And, yes Kate, I agree. Two people, a pet, and chemistry equal a great romance. Nicely done, Tracie Rae.

Tracie Rae said...

Thanks Pat and Kate! It makes me feel good to know that at least for a few minutes I made someone smile. I actually have another romance coming out at the end of December called "Santa Baby". Hope that one provides a little escapism too.

Keep Writing, Everyone!

Tracie Rae

Sandy Smith said...

It was a cute story.

Tamara said...

Tracie Rae, I'm seeing your name below a lot of stories lately (and through the years), mysteries, too, I believe. Hooray for you and your excellent writing.

Tracie Rae said...

Thanks, Tamara. I have been fortunate this year.