Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Comfy Kind of Love by Nell Musolf

May 2, 2016 issue

Tagline: Beth worried that the magic had gone out of their marriage, but her husband knew better!

Observations: I applaud any writer who can write a Woman's World story about an already-established couple. I've only done it once that I can remember because it's very hard to do.

This story was adorable. The only criticism I had was, what were they thinking only going for pasta once a year? That's INSANE! LOL


Mary Jo said...

I loved this story. I wondered about their dinner-out budget, too. Maybe this favorite restaurant was high end and costly. Really sweet story, Nell.

Sandy Smith said...

I also loved this story. I am thinking that restaurant is a very expensive one. They probably have pasta other days, but it isn't fancy! I like trying to write stories about already married couples, so I love it when WW has one.

Betsi said...

I was jealous when I read this . . . never had any luck with a couple story. It's a fine line between having a dull storyline and a problem that's too "heavy" for WW, but the author got it just right.

Sonya Akilah said...
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Joe Allison said...

I laughed when I read this because my wife's favorite Italian restaurant in her hometown of Erie PA was...Ricardo's!

I liked the story, too, especially the warm, natural dialogue that made it easy to visualize these two. My only criticism is that the writer has the protagonist stand up twice at the end ("I got to my feet." Then a couple of paragraphs later, "I stood up.") That was a little distracting.