Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Purr-fect Romance! by Nell Mulsolf

from the May 1, 2017 issue

Tagline: Fluffy liked her old home...and her owner liked Kate!

Observations: Nell Musolf is one of the most prolific Woman's World authors, with 11 stories under her belt, at my count. I don't think this was her best work. I liked "Free as a Bird" better. I wish I had more to say about this one, but I just don't. Sorry. I feel like I let you guys down when I can't find any teaching points. Maybe next week. :)

Photo credit: Jans Canon via the Flickr Creative Commons License


Sandy Smith said...

This is a cute story, but there isn't a tension--no black moment or anything like that. Maybe that was what was missing in this story. But I liked the characters.

Deb Noone said...

I thought the same thing - it needed more emotion and tension. The hero used to live in the house and sold it because he got divorced. Maybe he hesitated going into the house because of his history with it. Maybe the idea of helping her paint should have been cathartic to him - a way to change. Something to show that despite his history with the house, the heroine was a draw he couldn't resist. For that reason, I didn't see a huge spark between the two, so the ending didn't seem to me like it offered a magical moment of hope for the future (except her house would have a new start in life).

Having said that - it was well written and cute. And I loved that the cat brought them together.

Pat said...

I liked this story. I guess because I'm a cat person. An old premise with a new twist. A cute WW story.