Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mustang Sally by Elizabeth Palmer

from the July 31, 2017 issue

Tagline: Miranda wasn't looking for romance...but her Mustang, Sally, changed all that!

Observations: I loved this story. I loved the heroine being so familiar with her car that she could change the oil -- not something I would ever attempt to do myself since it's not that expensive to have it done. I loved that Palmer showed Miranda knew herself well enough to not settle for a man who didn't share her interests.

Those of you who are fairly new to analyzing Woman's World stories with me should take note of the big coincidence that Sally happens to break down in front of "Bud's." Woman's World stories often contain a coincidence that the reader needs to accept for the story to work. This is fairly common.

There really are too many details to list that make this story nice and tight. It was so smartly written. I especially loved the ending in which they talk about Sally having HPS.

Photo credit: Ann Baekken (Flickr cc)


Sandy Smith said...

This is another story I apparently missed seeing. Going to need to subscribe so I don't miss out on any. It sounds like a cute story.

Shyra said...

I really liked this story. I liked how her dad named the mustang Sally. My parents had six girls, no boys, and as soon as we got our drivers license my dad taught us how to change a tire and our oil. So, a bit of an endearing flashback. My favorite part was that they were both interested in teaching and cars. Great job Elizabeth.

Pat said...

Great fun story with smart heroine. Loved it

Mary Jo said...

Betsi is one of the best WW romance writers. Everyone can learn from her. Within the WW parameters, write the best story you can. The editor will thank you.

Lanie said...

Loved this story!

I submitted a story and just curious on how they notify you if your story is accepted. I wasn't sure if it was email, mail or phone. Fingers crossed!