Friday, February 2, 2018

A Birthday to Remember by Elizabeth Palmer

from the February 5, 2018 issue

Tagline: Will wasn't looking for romance...and then he met Lily...

Observations: I'm in love with this story. It felt very complete and satisfying and the main reason for this is that we saw their relationship develop slowly.

They met in her classroom. He asked for the pictures and she texted them to him. They continued to text and get to know each other. They went on a date. She brought him birthday cake.

See what I mean? Because so much time had gone by and so much had happened, it seemed like a much longer story. It truly felt like we had watched their romance develop. If you ask me, this is something to strive for.

Photo credit: Liz West via the Flickr CC license.


Sandy Smith said...

I really enjoyed this story, too. It was cute and did do a great job of developing the romance.

Kate Willoughby said...

Sandy, I appreciate your comments. :) Thanks for being such a staunch supporter of this blog.

Pat said...

I also thought this was a great story. I loved following the growing romance.
Sorry I haven't been around for a while, Kate. I'll try to be better at posting.

Kate Willoughby said...

Pat, no worries! I appreciate the comments, but they're not by any means mandatory. We all have lives. :)

Mary J said...

I'm so glad I checked in this morning . . . I've been out of the loop for months, but my time is getting back on track. :-) I always enjoy your comments and critiques, Kate. Thank you for doing a great job!