Thursday, February 1, 2018

Mini Mystery Writers

Hey, Patricia asked me to pass on a request.

"We are looking for more charming cozies where someone steals someone else's prize roses/recipe/whatever-- too many murder mysteries- making transition asap."

So, best get to your computers and start writing! :)


Cathy Elliott said...

Hi Kate:

Thanks for passing this on. It looks like fun! I do have a question for you though. When one submits to WW, is it only by email? And if so, is it okay for one to attach the story? Sometimes a publisher will not accept attachments. Would one also write a little cover letter?

There are some contradictory instructions out there on the web & I know some are older, but I was hoping you would have the most current info.

Thanks so much for any help you can give.

Warmly, Cathy

Tamara said...

Since I obviously saw this before Kate, I'll respond, Cathy. Stories are now sent to WW only by email. WW will send you an email confirming receipt, although it doesn't always happen. I once had a story published that was never confirmed received, so no confirmation doesn't necessarily mean it didn't reach them. I think there are specific instructions that can be accessed on the lower right side of this page for both the romances and the mysteries.

Patricia said...

AS Tamara stated-we now accept stories only by email. Sometimes our system messes up and doesn't send confirmation. But we receive all the stories and if we choose your manuscript you will hear from us, usually within about 4 months.

Patricia said...

You may send your story with attachments. I like to get a cover letter too. :)

Sandy Smith said...

Thank you, Patricia, for that reply. Cathy asked questions I had as well.

Kate Willoughby said...

Thanks for answering Cathy's questions, guys!

Carmen M said...

Hello! I noticed that WW now publishes some romances under Harlequin. Do they still accept romantic tales outside of them now? Or just H authors?

Love the "new kind of mystery" story request! Just my style...

Thanks for all the information in this wonderful blog.

All the best,