Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The True Love Experiment

by Elizabeth Palmer from the January 21, 2019 issue

Tagline: Christie was having no luck finding her Prince Charming using her friend's supposedly fail-safe dating method...until Dan stepped in to save the day.

Observations: I loved this friends-to-lovers story.

Elizabeth Palmer is a regular contributor to the magazine and this story proves she knows what she's doing. At the beginning of the tale, she talks about Christie suffering through some bum dates. She could have described them, perhaps milking them for comic effect, which is something I might have done. But she chose not to, which is another perfectly valid choice, because Woman's World magazine celebrates the positive. It's almost like that old saying, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." If you go that route when writing your stories, you'll probably not go wrong.

We saw Dan being chivalrous (but with an ulterior motive, of course), which is always a good trait in a Prince Charming and in a Woman's World story hero. We also saw the heroine not being passive by saying, "Well, I'm free tomorrow night." That's right, Christie. You go, girl.

Palmer also nailed the ending with that text.

Photo by Ian Lee via Flickr CC license


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Pat said...

Great insight, Kate. I know when I see Betsi's name it will be a wonderful story and she didn't disappoint.

Mary Ann Joyce said...

I loved this story! Very fresh and fun and perfect for the pages of Woman's World! Loved the attraction that seemed real and romantic. Betsi never disappoints!

Jill Weatherholt said...

I loved this story too, Kate! Elizabeth’s stories are always an enjoyable read.

Sandy Smith said...

I'm behind on reading my issues so getting caught up today. This was a great story.